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HB Move Management is a proud division of Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, one of the oldest (founded in 1890) and most highly respected service providers in the Puget Sound region. Our services go far beyond those of traditional moving companies -- although we do work closely with the movers. Our colleagues at Hansen Bros. focus on getting things from one place to another. We focus on helping people prepare for the move, survive the move, and get comfortably settled in their new home!


Our company originally began serving clients in 2006 as Benevia Household Transitions, a small start-up company founded by Paul Goldberg, Michael Nemirow, and Eric Rovner. Through both personal and professional experiences, the team identified that although there were individual services available to assist seniors and their families with specific aspects of a relocation, there were very few options that provided a holistic and personalized approach to the entire transition process.


What started as a small company dedicated to serving the moving needs of seniors and their families has blossomed to be a leading provider of Move Management services throughout the Puget Sound region. We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients with their moves since 2006 and although we are recognized as "Circle of Service" members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we serve clients of all ages and circumstances.


We hope to have the opportunity to delight you with our services on your upcoming transition.


~ HB Move Management

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