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Eldercare is a Workplace Issue
Every year, businesses assume significant costs as employees deal with the care needs of aging family members. It is anticipated that eldercare will soon surpass childcare as the leading cause of productivity loss.


Our Goal
To provide your employees with support in meeting their aging family members’ downsizing and moving needs. We achieve this by offering personalized advice, performing move-related services, coordinating the appropriate screened service providers, and achieving successful outcomes.


The HBMM Advantage
Now you can provide employees with a single number to call for guidance and assistance coordinating the transition needs of their aging family members.  A simple call to (206) 257-4314 helps employees avoid spending countless hours researching and coordinating services such as moving, in-home care, placement, home modification, care management, and many more.


HB Move Management Helping Your Employees
We can provide your employees and their families with professional coordination of a variety of services. When one of your employees calls us, a professional Move Manager quickly learns their unique needs and provides personalized advice and options. Our Move Managers do the time-consuming research, arrange and confirm appointments and follow up to ensure satisfaction.


Benevia Helping Your Business
We offer time and expertise so your employees are less stressed about their eldercare challenges and more focused on work. Providing the Benevia Benefit Package is your best strategy for managing lost productivity due to eldercare. And it supports your most valuable asset, your employees, when they need it most.


For more information about our services and how you can partner with us, please Contact us.

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