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Independent Living, Assisted Living, CCRC's, Memory Care, Adult Family Homes

HB Move Management has established a strong record of success assisting older adults and their families throughout the greater Puget Sound region with later life moves. For a list of communities, please visit Communities Served.


“I’m Not Ready Yet”
The mere thought of leaving a long-time home or making any type of relocation can be stressful & emotional for older adults and their families. While each situation is unique, many cases involving the delay of a senior living decision are due to the overwhelming nature of moving.

Given the current nature of the retirement living market, we believe it is critically important to provide prospective residents with solutions that make it easy to move into your community.  While many retirement communities provide prospective residents with a list of different services to help with their move, it is the goal of HB Move Management to be the one call for a much-needed holistic and personalized approach to the transition process.  We can offer valuable assistance for both a resident who just needs a qualified mover and a resident who needs a long list of qualified services (i.e. sorting/downsizing, selling items, packing, moving, unpacking, realtor, home repair, trash hauling, shredding).


Anticipatory Selling
Your community is known for its remarkable customer service - everything is taken care of once a resident moves in. Recognizing that the relocation process is often the biggest barrier to a successful sale, anticipate this need and address it early on in your conversations with the prospective resident and their family. In many cases your prospective resident assumes that managing the relocation is their responsibility and they will be glad to know you can help by providing a trusted solution.


MoveWise Program
Our proprietary MoveWise program can be co-branded with your community.  MoveWise can support your successful marketing efforts by helping your prospective residents to overcome the "relocation" barrier.  The program offers the following significant benefits for your community and your prospective residents:


Resident Benefits of MoveWise

  • Time Savings

  • Cost Savings

  • Convenience

  • Professional Support


Community Benefits of MoveWise

  • Shorter Sales Process

  • Reduced Cancellations

  • Faster Move-in Process

  • Stonger Waitlist Retention


For more information about MoveWise and how you can introduce the program at your community, please Contact us.

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